Infrared saunas
Infrared sauna blanket

Infrared sauna blanket
Width:   900 mm
Length: 1900 mm
Delivery time: 3-6 days (In stock)

Sauna strengthens the immune system
sauna increases fat burning
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Sauna Onyx with Tylö sauna heater

Traditional sauna for 3-4 people.
Size: 1500x1400x2000 mm
Type of wood: Cedar / Hemlock wood
Heating system: Tylö sauna heater / 6 KW
Delivery time: Sold out! on incoming delivery!

Sauna Onyx 4-6 people with Tylö sauna heater

Traditional sauna for 4-6 people.
Size: 1800x1500x2000 mm
Type of wood: Cedar / Hemlock
Heating system: Tylö sauna heater / 8 KW
Levering: Udsolgt! Indgående: Mar-Apr(kan forudbestilles)

benefits of infrared sauna
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Exclusive Chakra IR mattress

Heating mattress dimensions:
Width: 600 mm
Length: 1800 mm
Heating technology: Chakra stones, RLT, PEMF
Delivery time: 3-5 working days

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The Ruby Redlight 1200 Pro

The Ruby 1200W red light panel
Color: white
Red light: 660nm
IR light: 850nm
Delivery time: 2-3 days (in stock)

The Ruby Redlight 600 Pro

The Ruby 600W red light panel
Color: white
Red light: 660nm
IR light: 850nm
Delivery time: 2-3 days (in stock)

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What is an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna is a modern, high-efficiency, and energy-efficient alternative to a traditional dry sauna. An infrared sauna uses infrared rays that heat directly and has a beneficial effect on the body and produces no harmful side effects. For people who do not tolerate hot air, this is an excellent choice. The temperature of between 40-60 degrees causes the body to sweat properly but provides a comfortable infrared cabin where it is easy to breathe.

Sauna is a health-conscious choice

Using a (FAR) infrared sauna has become a new health trend that has exploded in the United States, among others. Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow are just some of the Hollywood celebrities who use infrared cabins for weight loss, pain relief, and rehabilitation. Infrared radiation has a wide range of benefits and has long been used in medicine and rehabilitation. The wonderfully relaxing effect is perhaps what you notice first. This is because the body's blood circulation increases as it heats up and begins to sweat. Unlike a regular steam sauna, it is the infrared rays that heat the body and stimulate the sweat glands, not the air inside a cabin.

With a sauna you sweat away from the toxins in the body!

The detoxification potential of an infrared sauna is up to three times higher than that of a conventional dry sauna. Toxins and slag are pushed away through the skin, the body's immune system is strengthened and the cardiovascular system is oxygenated thanks to the increased blood flow, without causing increased blood pressure. So even those who suffer from heart problems can take part in a sauna that has many benefits ie an infrared sauna.

Burn more fat and calories in an infrared sauna!

While enjoying a well-deserved relaxation in an infrared sauna, the body is working full time to burn calories. Between 400-600 calories are burned during a single 30-minute session! This corresponds to a running round of about a mile. Some call it passive exercise, even though you hardly move at all.

Get more beautiful skin without pimples and dirt-filled pores!
The skin is the body's primary cleansing organ when you relax in a sauna. After just a couple of sessions you will see the difference - a drier, softer, and smoother skin.
The infrared rays go deep and effectively cleanse the pores from dirt and heavy metals. This is detox on a whole new level! Infrared sauna can also be helpful in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema.

A climate-smart choice

An infrared sauna is energy efficient. In just 2 minutes, the room has been heated, unlike a dry sauna which takes 20-30 minutes to get the heat to the right temperature. A significantly lower temperature in an ir sauna is required to be effective as the heat comes from infrared light.

  Infrared light is completely natural and harmless!

The infrared light is at a frequency of light that is invisible to the human eye. It penetrates the body's tissue and warms it to depth. It is an infrared light that causes the sun to warm. However, the sun also emits harmful UV rays, which an infrared sauna does not.

With an infrared sauna, you will not only want to take a sauna more often but with good conscience.

The infrared sauna is a cost-effective choice

An infrared sauna is energy efficient, of course, which also means that it is cheap to operate. Moreover, it is not as expensive to install as a traditional dry sauna where a certain amount of mortar is required for the sauna to function. An infrared sauna is portable and can be moved, removed, and reinstalled if needed without any major expense. Fewer parts, smaller size, and a lower temperature make the infrared sauna a cost-effective choice with a relatively low investment cost.

You can build a sauna yourself!

An increasing number of SPA lounges, wellness centers, and lymph clinics have begun to offer health sessions with an infrared sauna. However, going to SPA can be expensive in the long run, especially considering that you should preferably use a sauna several times a week to achieve an optimal effect.

An infrared sauna is easy to install

But now there are many easy-to-install ir saunas in modern home design and at very good prices! All that is needed is any square meter in any space. No craftsman is needed and neither is an electrician. You mount it at home in just an hour. Since an infrared sauna is operated with significantly less power than a dry sauna, only one ordinary plug is needed. Nevertheless, this sauna heats up much faster, so you can easily spontaneously spawn after a chilly winter walk.

 A wide selection of sauna models!

We are the largest in Scandinavia with marketing infrared sauna and sell affordable models in a very stylish design. Perfect for a small home spa! Choose from small and compact models for one person, large and powerful models for up to six people, or a stylish corner model in varying sizes. If you want to change the sauna in the future, just install it in the same way you installed it. Thus, it is not a fixed installation, which also gives it a high secondary value if you would like to sell and buy new.

Is it possible to renovate a sauna?

Whether you are looking for a modern infrared sauna or want to renovate your old dry sauna and make it infrared, we have everything you need for a safe and affordable renovation.

If you need help designing your new sauna, we are happy to help with tips and advice for the sauna project. After the consultation, we can develop a sauna blueprint that will help you see what your infrared sauna will look like when it is fully installed. You can install a Luxway Infra Sauna in any room. The sauna can easily be plugged into a regular wall socket, without special preparation or professional craft help. If you choose to build a sauna yourself, we can offer loose heating panels with infrared heat that can easily be installed in a regular sauna or other optional space.

Other infrared heating products

Terrace heaters or also called infrared patio heaters have been used for a long time in Sweden. The news is that the old inefficient infrared heaters have been updated with the new technology of short-wave heat that generates far-infrared radiators that shoot far away and are used in cafés or in restaurants' outdoor dining, but also for people who want their patio warm and comfortable. Read more about our patio heaters in the product group.

Heating pad with infrared heat

An infrared heating pad mattress provides in-depth heat that is appreciated by people who suffer from rheumatic pain, fibromyalgia, or just want in-depth heat that relieves muscle pain, we have a wide range of infrared heat mattresses where the heat is generated from gemstones such as jade stone, tourmaline Stone. Heat mattresses are used today by many masseurs and chiropractors but above all lymph fatigue massagers where the heat helps in the treatment.

An infra-red sauna from Luxway Nordic is equipped with either a "VitalLight" full-spectrum heater or a "Carbon Wave" heater and is also available in combination models. The "VitalLight" heaters penetrate deeper into the body and have an effective, pain-relieving effect.

You can read more about how an ir sauna is installed under each sauna model or by clicking on the text "Sauna installation".   You can also check out our installation video!

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Watch an installation video from us!

Video how to build infrared sauna

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