Backrest, armrests and breaks

Backrest, armrests and breaks

There are many reasons to buy complementary accessories for their sauna . Not only do they increase the comfort themselves, but also make the sauna a much nicer appearance. Regardless of whether it is a backrest, armrest or breaks, these products are not often a necessity for the sauna to be as good as possible. By prioritizing ergonomics, you get a sauna that is guaranteed to be useful for a long time to come for everyone who uses it.

Easier than ever before

Making a sauna as comfortable as possible is now easier than ever. These ready-made solutions are available in a variety of wood types and with many different dimensions. Whether you want a niche product such as a sauna cushion, or a more general break, we have affordable and quality products in our range.

Skeletal backrest Aspen

Backrest in Aspen wood.
Ergonomic and fragrant.
Delivery time: 4-6 working days (In stock)

Skeletal backrest Cedar

Backrest in cedar.
Ergonomic and fragrant
Delivery time: 4-6 working days (In stock)

Ergonomic sauna backrest

sauna Accessories
Untreated sauna backrest.
60 x 40 cm
Delivery time: 3-6 days (In stock)