Sawo Aries 6.0kW sauna heater, NB Round, built-in control
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Sauna unit Sawo Aries 6.0kW, NB Round, built-in steering control

Sawo sauna heater
For sauna size 5-9 m3

€579.50 VAT included

€463.60 VAT excluded


For sauna size 5-9 m3

Sauna unit Aries 6kW

Thanks to the large amount of sauna stones and a well-thought-out design, the sauna heater accumulates well with heat and provides long and soft sauna baths. The mesh construction around the stones highlights them in an effective way. Together with an electronic thermostat, it helps to keep the temperature comfortable at an even and desired level.

Do not pack the stones tightly in the stone basket of the unit, but just place them loosely on top of each other so that there is as much space as possible for the flowing hot air.

Sauna heater Specification:

Width: 30 cm
Depth: 30 cm
Height: 93 cm
Stone magazine: 60 kg

Power kW: 6
Rec. m3 (Insulated space): 5-9 m3
400 V / 50Hz,
Fuse: 3x10
The sauna stone is not included.
Built-in control panel

Data sheet