Control unit for sauna heaters EOS Sauna controller Control panel Emotouch II +
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EOS Control Controller Emotouch II + control panel

Electric central for sauna heaters

€1,894.00 (VAT incl.) €1,515.20 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

Touch panel Emotouch II +.

Electronic control unit with touch screen and intuitive user interface for units and combi units. Continuous control: 30 - 70 ° C combination unit, 30 - 115 ° C electric unit.

Emotouch can be put into operation for 6, 12 hours or unlimited time. Dimmable cabin light, adjustable fan control and post-heating function are included. Child lock function is available. Language menu in 18 different languages, including Swedish. Simple guided menu function with pin code-guaranteed service level. Can be controlled on individual occasions or with weekly hours with four different menu choices per day with individual temperature levels. Firmware can be updated ..

Power limitation of 9 kw which can be extended with power unit LSG 09 to 18 kw.

Safety temperature limiter 139 ° C. 2 m data cable and temperature sensor and sensor cable (2.0 m) including connection 400V 3N AC 50Hz.

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