EOS Sauna controller Econ D4, up to 9kw

EOS Sauna controller Econ D4, up to 9kw

Electric central for sauna heaters

€668.00 (VAT incl.) €534.40 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

EOS Control unit D4 for electric heater.

EOS Controller D4 for electric heaters requiring separate control panel.
Preset 24 hours. Child safety lock. Error signal. Contact for sauna lighting. Temperature limitation at 142 C. Adjustable between 30 - 115 ° C

Mounted on the outside of the sauna. IPx4 classified. Can control units up to 9kw.

Can also control dimmable lighting and fan.

Supplied with temperature sensor for mounting on ceiling or wall.

Cover: plastic, cream-white
Display: 65 x 37 mm LCD display, with backlight
Temperature control: digital two point control
Heating time limitation: 6, 12 hours and unlimited
Output for cabin light (max. 100 W / 500 mA),
Clear text in case of errors,
Life-Guard (fast timer function),
Data storage in case of power failure (24 hours)


Wide 250 mm
height 220 mm
depth 58 mm

Data sheet