UKU Styrenhet (HUUM aggregat) upp till 18 kW + APP, GSM 7880 - 1
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UKU Control Unit (HUUM unit) up to 18 kW + APP, GSM

€738.00 (VAT incl.) €590.40 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

HUUM UKU Controller + APP

Innovative control panel UKU with mobile app changes your sauna heating forever. Imagine yourself in the office, during a workout, in traffic jams or on the way home from a fishing trip with friends - with UKU it is only a few clicks on the phone to be able to step right into a hot sauna as soon as you are home. In addition, you can check in real time how hot your sauna is at the moment.

Thanks to a built-in GSM module, the UKU control panel always has stable and secure connection with unlimited data and contact with the mobile app. Door sensors, overheating protection and child lock always guarantee a safe sauna experience.


  • Allows the sauna to be controlled from a distance via a mobile app.
  • Ability to set desired start and end time for heating
  • Integrated GSM module and a connected SIM card.
  • Ability to add an unlimited number of users to the mobile app.
  • Announces when the sauna has reached the desired temperature.
  • Can be connected to the lighting / ventilation or evaporator function.
  • Door sensors, overheating protection and child lock always guarantee a safe sauna experience.

The control unit is 110x75x22mm. It should be placed outside the sauna.

Setting the temperature from 50 to 110 ° C

The power box is 170x180x130 mm. This should be placed in a dry room, not in the sauna. Usually this is built into the wall so that it is not visible.

More information:

  • Door Sensor
  • Temperature sensor + heat fuse
  • Parental Control
  • Timer
  • Adjustable temperature: 50-110 ° C
  • Sauna heater max power: 12/18 kW
  •   Can also be used only for local control.
  • Mobile app (Android, iOS)

Made in Estonia

Remote control of sauna through the mobile app

With the HUUM mobile app, you can turn on your sauna heater , set the start and end time for sauna heating and control the temperature of the sauna no matter where you are. The first year it is free to use the mobile app, continued use costs 29 € per year. The control panel can always be used even without the mobile app. It includes a SIM card with internet.

It is also important that there is good mobile coverage in the area where the controller is located.

The mobile app's annual fee includes:

  • Mobile app features;
  • Unlimited data set for the control panel;
  • Secure server;
  • Unlimited users;
  • Updates for the app and control panel.
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