Kota Wood-fired Sauna Kota Koru 14
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Sauna Kota Koru 14

Woodburning stove
Sauna Kota Kuru 14
For sauna room volume: 8-14 m3

€658.00 (VAT incl.) €526.40 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

Sauna oven Kota Kuru quality at a low price

A solid sauna oven at a very good price. Kota Kuru is an excellent sauna stove that creates genuine and comfortable sauna. The stove's glass door makes it possible to enjoy the pleasant living fireplace under the sauna. A good and wood-fired sauna heater like Kota sauna will last for many years to come simply.

Kota Kuru 14's black-lacquered steel sheath gives a sauna a simple yet stylish atmosphere. The wooden handle of the hatch makes it convenient and safe to use the sauna oven.

SS-EN 15821: 2010 is a harmonized EU standard with regard to sauna heaters for piece wood and gives rise to CE marking according to CPR. It specifies the emission limit value 1.0% CO at 13% O2.

From July 1, 2013, declared properties and CE marking must be available for construction products covered by a harmonized standard, and marketed within the EU, all in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation.

A good wood-fired sauna heater with maximum heat and with minimal maintenance it is Kota just right.

NOTE! When you have a wood-fired sauna oven you must have a floor protection plate. Available under accessories above. This does not apply to those who have cast concrete slab or the like. If you have underfloor heating in the sauna, floor protection plate is required.

Accessories such as chimney, base chimney, floor cover plate, wall cover plate can be found under accessories above.

A better wood-fired sauna heater like Kota is not in comparison with heat reproduction in relation to quality.

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