Kota Wood-fired Sauna Kota Luosto
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Sauna stove Kota Luosto

Woodburning stove
Sauna stove Kota Luosto
For sauna room volume: 8-20 m3

€830.00 (VAT incl.) €664.00 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

Sauna Kota Luosto a well-proven sauna oven

Note, Bastusten is not included!

Sauna oven Lousto which gives many Finns comfortable sauna heat

The Kota L sauna stove is well appreciated and well proven. The furnace has been used extensively by thousands of sauna bathers since manufacturing began in 1971.
The design of the oven is based on efficient fire and air circulation, for rapid heating and long service life. The enamel gives the oven a good rust protection and good looking appearance.

NOTE! When you have a wood-fired oven you must have a floor protection plate. Available under accessories above. This does not apply to you who have cast concrete slab or equivalent. If you have underfloor heating in the sauna, floor protection plate is required. Kota sauna has created a reputation for wood-fired sauna heaters that is the brand quality simply.

Accessories such as chimney, base chimney, floor cover plate, wall cover plate can be found under accessories above.

Sauna oven Technical information:

Sauna room volume: 8-20 m3
Height: 75 cm
Diameter: 50 cm
Weight without stones: 53 kg
Recommended amount of stone: 35 kg
Smoke opening height from floor (center): 60 cm (85 cm at 90 ° angle)
Smoke tube diameter: 119 mm
Glass hatch: 19x15 cm / Woodburning hatch: 20.5x17 cm
Outer shell: enamelled

Safety distance:

To the side 300 mm
Forward 500 mm
Upwards 1280 mm
Back 350 mm

Can be supplemented with 30 liter water tank, chimney model art no 202007

For water tank around the unit, Kota Family L without outer jacket (art. No. 2127) is used together with water tank 2510 (art. No. 2127 + 2510)

For further information, please read the Product Sheet ".

It is possible to connect the chimney upwards and backwards, dimensions from floor up to the rear chimney hole are 550 mm, measured from the lower edge of the duct.

SS-EN 15821: 2010 is a harmonized EU standard with regard to sauna units for piece wood and gives rise to CE marking according to CPR. It specifies the emission limit value 1.0% CO at 13% O2.

From July 1, 2013, declared properties and CE marking must be available for construction products covered by a harmonized standard, and marketed within the EU, all in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation.

A better wood-fired sauna heater like Kota sauna is not in comparison with heat reproduction in relation to quality.

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