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Infrared sauna

Sauna wax White 1 liter

Sauna wax for wooden surfaces inside.
Color: White

VAT included

White protection containing natural wax for wooden surfaces in sauna .

If you want a white sauna interior, you can use Supi sauna wax in white color to color your wall panels or sauna cabinets in white color. Sauna wax is used as protection for saunas, wall and ceiling panels, windows and doors indoors. This is a perfect sauna accessory to care for a sauna.

Enough. 10-13 m² / l depending on wood type and porosity.

The surface to be painted should be dry, the temperature of the air at least 5 ° C and the relative humidity below 80%. Over-paintable after 1/2 - 1 h. Drying time 24 h.