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Infrared sauna

Bastis chair Fortis

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Bastis chair Fortis

Forti's sauna chair is specially made for older people, as it is a little taller and wider. Also has sturdy armrests which are a good support for ascent and sitting.

Sauna chair which makes it comfortable to sit in the sauna. A new idea that gives the sauna bath a new atmosphere. Rebuild the lower lava to a depth that makes it possible to fit the chair and use the chairs instead of the upper lava.

Saunasella's seats are made of first-class natural materials and specially designed to provide a comfortable sitting position in the sauna.

Saunasella renews the spa culture with new innovations and offers a genuine sauna experience with the help of its comfortable covered chairs.

The concept behind Saunasella's seating is the "slow sauna" thinking, which focuses on relaxation, calm and stress-free

Gives a sauna a new and exclusive design.

The wooden chair is made of oiled alloy, the backrest is flexible and fits comfortably to the back and gives it support. The seating position becomes very comfortable and relaxing.

The chair can be easily folded up and takes up some space.

All fittings are made of stainless steel.

  • Depth 67 cm
  • Seat width 60 cm
  • Seat height 50 cm
  • Total width 68 cm
  • Height 90 cm.

Footrests are available for purchase