Light therapy Heat-resistant LED strip Slave Length 700 mm, Width 20 mm
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Heat resistant LED strip Slave

Sauna accessories for color therapy
LED molding / under the base or backrest
Length 700 mm, Width 20 mm / Slave


Beautiful LED frame in high quality, can be set in different colors with the included remote control.

The sauna lighting is adapted for indoor use and can withstand a temperature between -15 to +130 degrees. Ideal for sauna lighting under a sauna, behind a backrest or in a light ramp.

This is a "Slave" part, this means that this is the start loop that is connected to a "Master" loop to extend the loop to cover a larger area. Up to 5 slave loops can be connected to a Master, and at the end a closing loop is connected.

Sauna lighting t Technical information:

Approved operating temperature: -15 to +130 degrees
20,000 hours life
Size: 700mm x 20mm
Mounting brackets and screws included
Input: 230V AC, Output: 12V DC
Max power: 43W
Clutch cable 25cm

Data sheet