Light therapy Heat-resistant LED strip Master Length 700 mm, Width 20 mm
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Heat resistant LED molding Master

Sauna accessories for color therapy
LED molding / under the base or backrest
Length 700 mm, width 20 mm


Beautiful LED frame in high quality, can be set in different colors with the included remote control.

Sauna lighting that is adapted for indoor use and can withstand a temperature between -15 to +130 degrees. Ideal for sauna lighting under a sauna, behind a backrest or in a light ramp.

This is a "Master" part, this means that this is the start loop where you connect the power and that the receiver for the remote control is built into this part. For the "Master section" you can connect up to 5 "Slave" lists and 1 closing list.

Sauna lighting t Technical information:

Approved operating temperature: -15 to +130 degrees
20,000 hours life
Size: 700mm x 20mm
Mounting brackets and screws included
Input: 230V AC, Output: 12V DC
Max power: 43W
Clutch cable 25cm

Data sheet