Sauna Oil | Bastuvax Bastuvax transparent 0.9 liter
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Sauna wax transparent 0.9 liter

Sauna wax for wooden surfaces inside.
Color: transparent

€35.00 VAT included

€28.00 VAT excluded


Transparent protection containing natural wax for wooden surfaces in sauna .

Supi Sauna wax which with its protective properties can be used internally in a sauna. Sauna wax extends wood surfaces that are exposed to high heat and is a perfect sauna accessory .

Breathable protective material for interior surface treatment of wooden surfaces in the sauna. Contains natural wax. Absorbs in the wood and forms a natural moisture and dirt repellent surface. Suitable for saunas, roads and roof panels. doors and window frames. Paintable after 1/2 - 1 h. Drying time 24 h.

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