Aroma Bowl för salt och doftessenser- 120 mm i diameter
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Aroma Bowl for salt and scent essences - 120 mm in diameter

Water bowl for salt & fragrance essences
120 mm in diameter
Bowl 60 mm deep.
rod 240 mm
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€64.40 VAT excluded

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Aroma bowl for fragrance essences or salty air.

A practical accessory for all types of sauna units . Mounted with 3 screws and filled with water at each sauna.
For saline air use 2 to 4 Himalayan salt stones 2 to 5 cm in diameter (Accessory). For fragrance add 2 to 5 drops of any fragrance oil (Accessory). Made in stainless steel bowl with chain and wall bracket

Salt in the sauna

Now you can also take part in the health benefits of Himalayan salt in your sauna ! Simply mount an "Aroma Bowl" from Luxway over your sauna unit and add a couple of salt crystals and some water, let the salt melt and evaporate in the hot water and enjoy the beneficial salt steam in your sauna. Wonderful if you have problems with the respiratory system, Asthma, Carbon, Bronchitis or just want extra well-being in the sauna. But make sure not to put salt stones directly on the unit and do not dissolve them in the bucket of water, as salt directly in the unit can damage it.

Herbs in the sauna

In Finland, it has long been popular to mix different dried herbs in the sauna bucket and then throw the water on the unit, or dip the birch jars in the herbal water. Herbs have historically been used to cure various ailments and are still widely used today. But instead of soiling the unit with dried herbs, which can also damage the unit when they dry and carbonize inside the unit, it is much more practical to put the dried herbs in water, in an "Aroma Bowl". This allows the beneficial natural oils from the herbs to evaporate and fill the sauna with a pleasant and beneficial herbal steam!

The herbs used traditionally are: Chamomile, Mint, Eucalyptus and Clover. But here, only the imagination sets the limits.

Aroma essences in the sauna

There are many different fragrance oils that can be beneficially used in the sauna, this elevates your sauna experience to a whole new level. You only need a couple of drops of concentrated sauna aroma in your "Aroma Bowl" for a wonderful and fragrant sauna session. Avoid dripping sauna scent into the sauna bucket, as the oils can damage the heating coils inside the unit and you get a direct hit of sauna scent that quickly subsides. If you instead drip a few drops of sauna fragrance directly into a water-filled Aroma Bowl, you will get a long-lasting pleasant fragrance in the sauna. Fragrance essences are only sold in our physical store.

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