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Infrared sauna

Sauna lighting SaunaLED 6 180 ° C (6 diodes) Black

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Smart & stylish sauna lighting

Sauna lighting with LedLite. Diodes above the sauna floor are mounted in the ceiling with an interval of 15 cm. LedLite is absolutely safe in a wet environment.

The energy consumption in the LedLite luminaire area is low, and the operating costs are also very low due to the significantly longer life of the LED lamp compared to traditional light sources.

The manufacturer has tested each series of LedLite LEDs separately, which means that all LEDs in this series have the same lighting effect and the same color temperature.

The LedLite series includes a low voltage transformer (12V), so you don't have to be a professional to install it.

You can also install LedLite in the sauna or in the bathroom. LedLite is perfect for solar panels.

Total energy consumption is less than with other light sources. The package contains LED reflectors, connection cables, mounting accessories and a transformer.

If you replace a transformer with more power, the series can be extended to a 30-LED system. The advantages of LedLite are: no hot parts or parts that can be worn out and lamp replacement. The length of the connecting cable is 5 m and can be increased by 5-10 m if necessary. It can easily be extended to 30 LEDs.

Comes with cable transformer. The life span of LED lamps is many times compared to traditional light sources. Cheap to use (power consumption only 0.3 W / LED). Easy and fast mounting. The LedLite range can be supplemented with heat-resistant basulins for mounting above the sauna roof. A perfect sauna accessory


Indoor lighting for the home fits well in the sauna and bathroom.

Warm white light color.

Two lamps: gold and silver (in

stock silver). Available in finished packages with 6.9 or 12 bright spots. In addition, you can also buy individual bright spots.

Can be damped.

Energy class A

Long service life.

No ultraviolet radiation.

Does not contain mercury.

Warranty 2 years.

Can be installed securely in wet areas.

Can be used with solar, wind power or a 12V battery.

Recommended number of LED lamps per square meter in the sauna

2-3 m2 = 6 LedLites

3-4 m2 = 9 LEDs

4-6 m2 = 12 LEDs


- LED backlight (6,9,12 or 50 pcs)

- Cable connection 5 m.

- Rear terminal 12 in 1 (Note: Light source 30 has a traditional sugar cube)

- Cable transformer (1500 mA)


Installation instructions ACCESSORIES:

- Individual light sources for the finished series

- Bastulines

- ReguLite dimmer

- Cable transformers 5000 mA and 2500 mA (IP 67)

- 700 mA LED driver (switch)


LED power

: 0.3 W / Total lamp consumption: 0.35 W / Lamp

Voltage: 12 V

mail. Current color temperature: 3000K angle of information

: 22 °

Protection class: IP44

Size of mounting hole: 12 mm

The cables are resistant to 180 ° C

Cable length: max 15 m "