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Infrared sauna

Sauna lighting SaunaLED Bastulins (1 diode) Black

sauna Accessories
For sauna lighting

VAT included

The sauna lens can advantageously be placed above the door or above the sauna heater.

- Dimmable LedLite lamp with thicker lens that can withstand heat and moisture
- Accessories for the LedLite series
- Installed in the vicinity of the sauna heater and gives an evocative effect of the steam
- Can be safely installed in humid areas
- Can be used with solar panel, wind power or with 12V battery
- Warm white color of light
- Low energy consumption
- Mercury free
- Free from UV radiation
- Long service life
- Energy class A

NOTE! If you are only going to mount the sauna lens without the joint bit series, a transformer is needed. Available under accessories above. However, if you intend to mount a joint and a basulins then you do not need to buy any transformer, as it is part of the joint small series.

Silver, Warm White


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