Sauna doors size 8x20 Sauna doors 8x20 Classic with smoke gray glass and pine frame
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Sauna door 8x20 Classic with smoke gray glass and pine frame

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Sauna door 8x20 Classic

A very nice glass door with a stable rectangular handle made of pine. A glass sauna door gives the sauna more light and space, and is also safe when the glass in the door is of 8 mm tempered safety glass.

The glass doors are designed especially for saunas. The delivery includes a ready-made 42 x 92 mm pine frame, silicone seal in the frame, safety glass, hinges, adjustable roller lock and a stable rectangular handle.

This is the door that has the classic look and is very popular and sold in large numbers around the country.

Make sure you have about 30-50 mm higher dimensions in the door hole than the dimensions of the frame. This is to get air under the door and to avoid water being sucked into the end wood on the frame.

NOTE! All our doors are in tempered glass, which is very positive as the door is almost unbreakable when the door is in place. But when mounted, the glass is very fragile, as it can easily go into a thousand pieces if the edge of the glass bumps into hard surfaces, such as the floor / wall / ceiling. See film on door mounting below.

Module dimensions: 8x20
Frame exterior dimensions: 790x1990
Matr. in frame: Glued pine
Other: Reversible Hay Road

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