Electromagnetic fields, EMF for infrared sauna use

Facts about Electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic Field Comparison (EMF)

The Luxway "Carbon Wave" heater has an electromagnetic low frequency field of 0.2-0.3 µT (at 50Hz) at the heating surface and a drop of 50% at only 8 cm.
Luxway "Vitaelight" heater is a more powerful heater, so when it is at maximum power it generates an electromagnetic field of 0.3-0.8 µT at 50Hz, at the heating surface and a drop of 50% at only 12 cm (reduce this half if you run the heater at a normal 70% power).

This can be compared to a power cord located in the wall that is about: 1- 1.5 µT at 50Hz measured outside the wall, with a drop of 50% at 15cm, and these cables you are surrounded all the time. The products in the home that generate the most powerful electromagnetic fields otherwise: Electricity socket approx: 0.5-0.8 µT, Hair dryer 8 -25 µT (5 minutes hair drying corresponds to several hours in a Luxway infrared sauna), mobile phones 0.2-0.5 µT, stove & oven 10-20 µT, and several other household products, especially those powered by an internal AC motor. The strength of the EMF field in your home or office that you stay in daily for a long time is on average 0.11 µT or 1.1 mG. In an aircraft, you are staying in a field of about 5 µT.

How to measure EMF

When we measure Electromagnetic fields we measure 2 cm in from the heater itself. Several manufacturers who claim to have basically EMF-free infrared saunas measure in the middle of a sauna , far from the heaters where the field is at its strongest.

Recommendations for the EMF

We recommend that you read more in the WHO report at EMF: http://www.who.int/peh-emf/about/en/what_is_emf_swedish.pdf
In short, even strong fields have no effect at all on the health of the absolute majority of people. However, there is a small minority of the population who claim to be electrically hypersensitive and receive temporary headaches or the like when exposed to heavy fields.

(0.1 µT corresponds to 1 mG)

EMF in household appliances