Hot yoga room with energy-efficient infrared heaters and smart control systems

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Time to offer your clients the ultimate Hot Yoga room?

We offer high-quality infrared heaters and smart control systems that not only create an optimal and comfortable environment for your Hot Yoga practice, but also provide energy savings and health benefits. With our innovative solutions, you can create a Hot Yoga room customized to your needs and provide a unique experience for both instructors and participants.

Energy efficient infrared heaters for Hot Yoga:

Our infrared heaters are designed with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. By using infrared heating instead of traditional air heating, you can benefit from significant energy savings while creating a comfortable and optimal heat in your hot yoga room. Furthermore, our infrared heaters can be installed regardless of the ceiling height, giving you flexibility in the design of your space. Our ceiling heaters for Hotyoga rooms come in 800W power, and should be placed evenly in the ceiling, They are available in both Black and White color, easily mounted with the included ceiling mounts.

Only 250W installed power per square meter:

One of the advantages of our infrared heaters is that they require only 250W of installed power per square meter. This means you can create an energy-efficient Hot Yoga room without compromising on comfort. The optimized power and the deep heat properties of the infrared heaters provide a pleasant warming and heat therapy for a complete Hot Yoga experience.

Deep heat therapy and health benefits:

One of the great benefits of infrared heat is its ability to penetrate deep into the body and provide a deep heat therapy. This can help relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and promote relaxation. In addition to these physical benefits, infrared heating has also been shown to contribute to improved sleep, relief of joint pain and a range of other health benefits.

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Intelligent control systems for total control:

To give you maximum control over the heat and atmosphere in your Hot Yoga room, we offer two advanced control systems: Brilliant and Excellent. These smart control systems offer customizable settings for the infrared heaters and the possibility of app control. You can easily adjust the temperature and create individual settings for different yoga sessions, while enjoying the profound health benefits of infrared heat. For hot yoga rooms, we also recommend dual temperature sensors to more precisely adjust the heat in the room for extra even and efficient heating. The control panels are available in several colors.

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Create the perfect hot yoga room:

With our energy-efficient infrared heaters and smart control systems, you can create the perfect hot yoga room that not only provides optimal heat therapy and comfort, but also offers energy savings and health benefits. Regardless of ceiling height, our infrared heaters can be installed flexibly, and with only 250W of installed power per square meter, you can create a sustainable and cost-effective Hot Yoga space. Contact us for more information and a quote request.