Inspirational images Site-built Sauna

Inspirational images and 3D drawings of a selection of our site-built saunas. Planning to build a new or upgrade your sauna? Find inspiration here.


Fully tiled sauna with interior in heat-treated Asp. Vitaelight Kingsize with skeletal backrest, Mica Wave panels and ceiling heater.


Customer picture of a Fine Asp sauna with Mica Wave panels and our Basic control system.

Ribbad Vitaelight

Ribbed seat/backrest with built-in Vitaelight heaters, Mica Wave panels on the sides for more even heat distribution and ceiling heaters for quick heating.

Infra sauna, combined with Vitaelight and Mica Wave, Custom built backrests and an illuminated wall in Himalayan salt.


Stylish site-built sauna with Mica wave panels, and colored LED strip under the heaters for stylish mood lighting.

Mica paneler

A site-built sauna with Mica panels.

Tylö Taika

3D drawing for a small traditional sauna in a newly built apartment. Gray Taikapanel from Tylö on the walls. Ceiling, Lavar and backrest in heat-treated Aspen.


3D drawing of a small site-built infrared sauna with Mica panels and decorative spots in the ceiling.

the Y

Custom-built infrared sauna with Mica panels, the backrest ribs are removed on the panels and instead the customer has built his own ribbed backrest / seat lichen in front of the heaters.


3d drawing of a 2 person infra sauna in a bathroom. Mica wave panels on the walls, ceiling heaters in the ceiling and two comfortable relaxation chairs with Vitaelight system and built-in dimmer.

Site-built traditional sauna, combined Aspen and Heat-treated Aspen for a nice contrast. Two Kingsize Vitaelight heaters with skeletal backrest for seating with extra deep heat behind the back. An example of what we call "Hybrid sauna" when you run infra and traditional at the same time.

vitaelight 350w

Combination sauna, with traditional unit + Vitaelight, which is controlled by our combi control system so you can control infra and traditional unit at the same time and also dim the effect on the infra system.

platsbygge med glas

A site-built small infra sauna under construction, wood and heating system in place, just waiting for the glass walls.

Kombibastu med konstiga mått

A combination sauna with strange angles, difficult to plan the sauna yourself? We are happy to help!

Sawo + infra

A combination sauna with large panoramic windows. Nice submerged Tower unit in the lava.

New pictures are uploaded continuously.