Sauna-mounting guide of an infrared corner sauna

Mounting guide;

How to mount a Luxway Infra sauna?

Installation time; See the approximate installation time at each sauna .

In this case, there is a corner sauna with carbon heating.

An infrared sauna is delivered in 2-6 packages depending on the sauna model.
Begin unpacking all of the sauna parts such as floors, walls and ceilings, etc
Each part of the sauna comes pre-assembled with heating panels, lamps, speakers.
From each side of the wall with a heating panel, an electric cable with a cable bracket, each cable is pushed into each other, they are marked with a designation for eg H1 or H2 etc.

Here we will show how to install a corner sauna.
The principle is the same for all models such as rectangular models but only 4 wall sides are to be mounted but the procedure is the same.
Step 1
Start by placing the sauna floor in close proximity where you intend for a sauna to finally stand.

Installation of sauna floor

Step 2. Sauna wall pages.

The wall sides of the sauna are equipped with wooden slats on which the sitting bed should lie. With the help of these and the dimensions on the respective wall side you can easily find out where it should be placed.

Take one of the wall sides of it against the floor. Most models have legs so the wall side should be lifted up on the floor. If the sauna model lacks legs, the wall side must be pushed against the floor side.
Ask someone for help supporting the wall section while downloading the next wall page.

build the first wall

Step 3- Sauna brackets

Lift on the next wall part to bring them together.
The fastening device of the wall parts varies between snap fasteners :( this is a buckle which is visible on the outside the parts are moved towards each other after which you close the buckle) t the keyhole bracket; this bracket is located in the wall part and is not visible from the outside. One wall side has a hole similar to a keyhole while the other side has a protruding metal hook. By lifting the wall side a few cm you can easily insert the spike into the upper part of the keyhole and then lock the spike into the narrower part of the keyhole bracket.

Step 4;

Hook gable side on a sauna left part and to the right part of the sauna wall. see sauna picture.

Mount wall side number 2Mount the third wall

Step 5

Mount the other side panel.

Build lichen and sideboard

Step 6. Install the sauna door

Install the glass door

Step 7. Mount the sauna ceiling and connect the cables to each other.

Mount the sauna roof