Heat treated ASP 15x90

Sauna panel in heat treated aspen of 15x90 mm

When it comes to sauna panels, aspen is a very popular material. As a raw material, aspen is easy to process and has therefore become common as panel material. It also gives a uniform and exclusive impression, since in its often naturally twig-free design it is extremely appealing. For us Norwegians, aspen also carries with it a solid sense of nature, as it is one of our naturally occurring trees in the poplar genus.

What distinguishes traditional aspen from heat treated is mainly appearance and the duration of the material.   Heat treated aspen panels have a darker appearance and handle natural stresses in a much better way. These panels maintain their appearance and shape for the foreseeable future. In the long run, they quickly become an affordable alternative as these panels do not have the same need for finishing.

Heat-treated aspen is a future-proof alternative

Aspen panels with a height of 90 mm are located in the middle segment, and in most cases fit medium-sized sauna constructions. By ensuring that the height corresponds to the construction, you do not have to assemble moldings to hide any visible joints.   But why has asp just become a popular choice for panels?