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Floor support for Ruby PRO

Floor Support with Locking Wheels
for The Ruby Red Light Panel.
Get maximum flexibility with our floor support and lockable wheels, specially designed for your The Ember red light panel.
Delivery time: 3-6 days (In stock)

€162.50 VAT included

€130.00 VAT excluded


Floor Stand with Locking Wheels for Ultimate Flexibility with The Ruby Red Light Panel

For maximum flexibility and ease of use, choose our floor support with lockable wheels, specially designed to complement The Ruby red light panel. With this handy accessory, you can easily move your red light panel and place it exactly where you want it. Whether you prefer to have it standing next to you or sitting in front of it, the floor support gives you total control over your red light therapy experience.

Features and Benefits:

Flexible Placement: With locking casters, you can easily change the placement of your The Ember red light panel as needed. Use it in different rooms or treatment areas without hassle.

Customized Height: Adjust the height of the floor support to ensure the red light's beam hits your body perfectly for maximum effect.

Stable Construction: Made from white metal for durability and stability, ensuring a safe and reliable support structure for your red light panel.

Compatible with Hanging: The floor support is compatible with The Ember red light lamp, which can be easily hung on a door or vertically above a bed or treatment table with the included device.

Discover the freedom and versatility that the floor support with locking wheels brings to your red light therapy. Give your body and mind the benefit of red light therapy exactly where you want it.


Material: White metal
Fits: The Ruby Red Light Lamp (sold separately)
Invest in your health and well-being with this convenient and reliable floor support. Optimized flexibility is now within reach for your red light therapy.

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