Ruby Redlight 1800W
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The Ruby Redlight 1800W

The Ruby 1800W red light panel
Color: white
Red light: 660nm
IR light: 850nm
Delivery time: 2-3 days (in stock)

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€1,304.80 VAT excluded

€1,931.00 - €300.00


The Ruby PRO 1800 - Large Red Light Lamp with many possibilities

The Ruby PRO is a powerful red light panel that takes red light therapy to a new level.

With the PRO function, you can expand the system with more panels with the same function control when you connect several in series to each other.
The panel can also be set to a lower frequency or with a pulse function.

The pulse function in red light therapy can increase the penetration depth of light into the body's tissues by optimizing light absorption and enabling short periods of high light intensity followed by rest periods. This can increase the response of cells to light stimulation and the effectiveness of the treatment. The penetration depth varies depending on the wavelength of light, tissue type and treatment parameters. Red light with longer wavelengths generally has a better ability to penetrate tissues. Research continues to explore the effects of pulsed red light therapy in various medical and therapeutic applications.

The Ruby is a versatile red light panel with the possibility of more can be connected to form a longer light panel or a wider one if desired.


The Many Benefits of The Ruby:

Pain Relief: Do you suffer from pain or discomfort? Red light therapy has been shown to relieve many forms of pain and increase your comfort.

Healing and Anti-inflammatory: Promotes faster healing of injuries and helps reduce inflammation, which is crucial for your well-being.

Skin Rejuvenating: Want radiant skin? Our lamp helps counteract aging, rosacea and acne, giving you a youthful glow.

Increased Energy and Focus: Get a natural energy boost and increased mental clarity with regular use of red light.

Better Blood Circulation: Improve blood circulation, which is crucial for promoting overall health and well-being.

Strengthened Immune System: Give your immune system a boost and help the body fight infections and diseases.

Contributes to Hormonal Balance: Support your hormonal balance for better overall health.

Pulse function: Benefits from shorter treatment time of a higher light intensity, may have benefits at higher body volume.

Expandable: Can be connected to multiple panels in both width and length.

The Ruby makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of red light therapy at home. It is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Start your day with red light therapy, use it during meditation or yoga, keep it at your workplace to increase productivity, or place it in the bedroom to optimize your sleep quality.

A Powerful and Effective Solution:

With its 360 LEDs and the most scientifically proven wavelengths (660 nm red light and 850 nm near infrared light), The Ruby is one of the most efficient and powerful red light lamps on the market. It provides you and your family with countless opportunities for red light therapy sessions in the comfort of your home.

The Ruby panel comes with a wall bracket or for vertical mounting.For an even more flexible use, we recommend that you also buy the floor support for the Ruby, which makes it easy to move the panel around and adapt it to your needs. In addition, The Ruby is adapted to be easily hung vertically from the ceiling, so you can place it over your bed or treatment table and enjoy its therapeutic benefits in the most comfortable way for you.

It's time to invest in your health in an affordable way. Take the step towards a better well-being and a radiant health with Ember red light panel.

Technical specification:

Frequency range: 50Hz-60Hz
Rated power: 1800W (360*5W)
Real power: 645W
LED wavelength: Red light 660m, Infrared 850
Material: Aluminum
Product size:
Length: 1560mm
Width: 280mm
Depth: 65mm
Control: Digital on the panel.
Pulse function: (10/20/30/40/50HZ selectable pulse mode)
Dimming: Can be set in 5 different modes as needed.
Weight: 19 KG
The Ruby is a product from Luxway

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