Ember RedLight 1500
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The Ember RedLight therapy 300W. Table model

The Ember 300W red light panel
Color: white
Red light: 660nm
IR light: 850nm
In stock: approx 2 to 3 days delivery time

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The Ember -Red light lamp on table stand: Your Path to Optimal Health

The Ember tabletop model is a powerful and practical red light panel on a stand that takes red light therapy to a new level. With its impressive format and superior performance, it delivers the maximum effect in the shortest time, treating almost the entire body simultaneously. Our lamp gives your cells the best conditions to function optimally, opening the door to a range of health benefits.

The Many Benefits of The Ember:

Pain Relief: Do you suffer from pain or discomfort? Red light therapy has been shown to relieve many forms of pain and increase your comfort.

Healingand Anti-inflammatory: Promotes faster healing of injuries and helps reduce inflammation, which is crucial for your well-being.

Skin Rejuvenating: Do you want radiant skin? Our lamp helps combat aging, rosacea and acne, giving you a youthful glow.

Increased Energy and Focus: Get a natural energy boost and increased mental clarity with regular use of red light.

Better Blood Circulation: Improveblood circulation, which is essential for promoting overall health and well-being.

Strengthened Immune System: Give your immune system a boost and help your body fight infections and diseases.

Contributes to Hormonal Balance: Support your hormonal balance for better overall health.

The Ember makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of red light therapy at home. It is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Start your day with red light therapy, use it during meditation or yoga, have it at your workplace to increase productivity, or place it in your bedroom to optimize your sleep quality.

A Powerful and Effective Solution:

With its 30 LEDs and the most scientifically proven wavelengths (660 nm red light and 850 nm near infrared light), The Ember is one of the most efficient and powerful red light lamps on the market. It gives you and your family countless opportunities for red light therapy sessions in the comfort of your home.

The Ember panel is easy to use and mobile in its design. It comes with a comfortable table stand that is adjustable in different heights and angles. The panel also comes with a top mount and door hook so you can attach the panel to the inside of a door. Protective goggles are always included with each panel, however, the sunlight is not harmful but due to the strong light intensity it is comfortable to use.

It's time to invest in your health in an affordable way. Take the step towards a better well-being and a radiant health with Ember red light panel.

Technical specification:

Frequency range: 50Hz-60Hz
Nominal power: 300W (60*5W)
Actual power: 81W
LED wavelength: Red 660m, Infrared 850
Number of diodes: 30pcs
Material: Aluminum
Product size
Length: 298mm
Width: 189mm
Depth: 60mm
Control: On panel & remote control.
Weight: 3.1 KG
Stand: Height 180mm, adjustable
The Ember is a Luxway product

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