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Infrared sauna

Outdoor sauna Azalea

Outdoor sauna Azalea
Size: 4380 x 2038 x 2590 mm
Wood type: Spruce + Asp
Heating system: You choose

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks 

VAT included

Azalea a lovely outdoor sauna with dressing room / relax area

Azalea is a product of our new range of outdoor sauna with modern design. The solid sauna construction with 40 mm thick walls and insulated ceilings and floors ensure a comfortable sauna heat. This is a sauna that blends in next to the pool or a modern villa. The unique design with 3 sauna windows provides a delightful eye for sauna sessions with family and friends. The sauna windows consist of tempered double glazing and an extra window at the dressing room. The sauna inside the house is 2038x2378 and contains 2 sauna heaters and the lighting inside consists of 2 sauna lamps on each side with a screen protector of wood. Azalea sauna comes as standard unpainted but can also be ordered in 3 different colors at extra cost. You can choose the sauna heater yourself according to your wishes. Wood-fired or electric sauna heater. If you want to convert it to infrared sauna you can use our popular infrared panel kits and get a modern low energy infrared sauna. The sauna is delivered as a kit and assembled according to instructions. Do you want that little extra when you still need to build a sauna outdoors then Azalea is a very good choice.

Sauna Specification:

Sauna outer dimensions:
Length: 4380 mm
Height: 2590mm
Depth: 2038 mm.

Delivery time: 5-6 weeks

Wall thickness spruce 40 mm
Roof thickness outside: 16 mm
Ceiling interior: 68 mm roof panel.
Ceiling protection: Ceiling cardboard
Exterior floor: 16 mm
Floor insulation 53 mm floor panel.
Window: Antisol Graphite
Window size: 28 mm composite glass 685x1930 mm.
Exterior door: Spruce
Inside door: Tempered glass 8 mm: 550x1775 mm
Total height: 2590 mm
Exterior ceiling dimensions: 4380x2038 mm

Sauna Interior:

2 st bastulav (asp)
2 pillows (aspen)
2 pcs sauna lamps with wooden covers
You choose electric or wood-fired sauna heaters or infrared sauna heaters.


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