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Infrared sauna

Every Corner model without side glass

Sauna Exterior dimensions:


Length: 1440 mm
Height: 1990 mm
Width: 1440 mm

VAT included

Every corner of the sauna room without side glass 2 Persons

Every corner sauna is a sauna room with lovely sitting areas.

The sauna room is delivered in basic design without aggregate. Glass door in tempered safety glass. The sauna comes in a simple kit and you save both time and money.

Sauna rooms have spaces for 2 to 3 people and are delivered in a kit that can easily be assembled into a sauna room.

Contact us when ordering extra options:
Aggregate with control + stone: SEK 2995
Unit with external control panel + stone: SEK 4995
Extra seat: 995: -

Ps, If you want Every sauna in a different color, this model can be painted both inside and outside with sauna wax, see article

Sauna specification:

Sauna room dimensions:

Length : 1440 mm
Height: 1990 mm
Width: 1440 mm

Delivery time: 3-4 Weeks

Shipping cost: SEK 1000 / SEK throughout Sweden

Sauna room for 2-3 people
Wood type: untreated pine.
Hardened safety glass, thickness 7mm.
Optional: Sauna unit 3.6Kw (3600w)
Sauna temperature 65-100 ° C
Sauna table (bench) 2 pcs.
Sauna lighting 2 pcs.
Ventilation door supplement for fresh air.
Sauna unit protection.
Installation time about 4 hours.

Every sauna room is a wide series model that is manufactured to order. Available in a variety of sizes and designs.