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Infrared sauna

Sauna insulation SPU Sauna-satu

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Disc sizes: 600x1200 mm.
Thickness: 30 mm.
Heat conductivity: 0.023 W / mK.
Spont: Very spontaneous on all sides.
Coating: Aluminum laminate on both sides of the board.

SPU Sauna-Satu is suitable for insulation of sauna walls and sauna ceilings as well as other demanding environments.

In combination with panel and plasterboard, the insulation boards can be used to insulate from the inside even in other spaces.

Mounted on any wall, the SPU Sauna-Satu provides almost 10 cm of extra space in the sauna. The surface of the aluminum laminate insulation board reflects part of the heat radiation and thus improves the thermal insulation capacity of the structure.

Quick and easy
SPU Sauna-Satu insulation boards are easy to machin and assemble. The slices can be cut, milled,
drilled and nailed. The insulating boards have full pontoon on all edges, which makes mounting fast
and safe. The lightweight discs are handy to handle even in confined spaces. SPU Sauna-Satu
fits equally well to both stone and wood structures.

Protects the structures
SPU Sauna-Satu prevents mold damage because the insulation has a structure that prevents
that moisture is transferred to the wall and ceiling structures. The final density is ensured
sealing foam and aluminum tape in disc joints and penetrations.

Durable, environmentally friendly and safe
SPU Sauna-Satu neither absorbs water, shrinks, darkens or molds. Therefore, the disc can withstand
the hot and humid sauna environment very good. Thanks to the features of SPU Sauna-Satu is
The design is well insulated for both heat and moisture, which makes the heating of the sauna safe
and low energy.

Walls and recessed ceilings in the sauna and shower room as well as walls and ceilings in other areas to be covered with wood paneling.

More information
SPU Sauna-Satu is a patented product and is protected by patent no. 4802 and 480.