Sauna panel ASP, SIS 15x68 Sauna panel asp 15x68 SIS Length: 1.8 m. 6 pcs / pack Length: 1.8 m. 6 pcs / pack
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Sauna panel asp 15x68 SIS Length: 1.8 m. 6 pcs / pack

SIS sauna panel 1.8 meters
Wood species: Asp
Per section: 6 pcs

€72.50 (VAT incl.) €58.00 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

Stylish sauna panel with cut in panel

Dimension 15x68mm.

Sauna wood paneling gives a sauna a bright and very beautiful look. Asp has been used for decades to build a sauna. Our sauna panel is manufactured only by the core wood to minimize twigs that are virtually non-existent. So if you are looking for a sauna panel in finely planed wood then you have come right. With this wall panel you have a nice sauna for many years to come.

Dimension 15x68mm. Access per m2 is 17.3 meters. Calculation example:
The length of the wall is 2.5 m and the ceiling height is 2.2 m. 2.5 x 17.3 = 43.25 boards 43.25 / 6 = 7.21 packages Order 8 packages in the length 2.2 meters.

Don't forget the ceiling !!!

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