Exclusive Amethyst / Jade pillow
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Exclusive Amethyst / Jade pillow

Exclusive amethyst-pillow
Width: 500 mm
Length: 300 mm
Height: 130 mm
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Exclusive infrared-pillow Amethyst and Jade Dimensions:

Width: 500 mm
Length: 300 mm
Height: 130 mm


Exclusive Infrared pillow with Amethyst and Jade


Support and warmth for neck and head .

Place the exclusive pillow comfortably under your head in conjunction with the heat treatment of the rest of the body on a Luxway infrared mattress. The cushion consists of 1.9 kg of naturally shaped stones of the beautiful purple Amethyst mineral and strategically placed stones in green Jade. The pillow is sewn in channels filled with the amethyst stones. The pillow is made of a beautiful lightweight artificial leather of the highest quality. The cushion's edges are equipped with durable synthetic tape. Infrared heating cushion is slightly S-shaped to give best support to head and neck. The pillow has a heating zone at the neck but not directly below the head for a comfortable treatment of rigid neck. You can also use the pillow without heat for ergonomic support and the positive effect of the natural stones. With a nice and good support under your head and neck, your session on the infra-rugs becomes even more enjoyable. Depending on your body length, the pillow is conveniently placed at head height either on the heating mat or outside the heating surface.

The Amethyst and Jade pillow comes in a practical bag which makes it easy to carry with you and to store in.
The pillow is cleaned with a dry to very slightly damp cloth.

Exclusive infra-pillow, specifications.

Total dimensions: 50x30x10 cm
Total weight: 2 kg
Power: 65W

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