Mattress protectors 80cm for Luxway infrared mattresses
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Mattress cover 80cm

Mattress cover for Inframadrass
Width: 500 mm
Length: 800 mm


€30.00 VAT included

€24.00 VAT excluded


Mattress protector for Infrared Mattresses

Keep your mattress fresh and protected with our high-quality mattress protector for infrared mattresses. Designed with care, this mattress protector has a soft and comfortable top and a moisture-wicking TPU underside. Whether you use the mattress in public or private environments, our mattress cover will extend the life of the product and keep it clean from sweat and dirt, without limiting the effect of the infrared rays.

Features and benefits:

Soft top: The top of the mattress protector is made of a soft and pleasant surface, providing extra comfort and a luxurious feeling during use. You can enjoy a soft and relaxing sleep experience every night.

Moisture-repellent TPU underside: The underside of the mattress protector is made of moisture-repellent TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material. This provides an effective barrier against moisture, spills and accidental stains, helping to protect your mattress and preserve its cleanliness and quality over time.

Material: Made of durable polyester and moisture-repellent TPU material to ensure long-term use and optimal protection for your mattress.

Travel straps on all four corners: The cover is equipped with travel straps on all four corners, ensuring it stays in place.

Machine washable: Easy cleaning is possible with the option to machine wash the cover, saving time and allowing for hassle-free maintenance.

Protect the mattress: Our mattress protector for infrared mattresses protects your mattress from sweat, dirt and spills. It helps extend the life of the mattress and preserves its hygienic and fresh quality over time.

Multiple sizes: The mattress protector is available in different sizes to fit our different infrared mattresses.

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