Bluetooth speaker for Panel kit
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Bluetooth receiver with two speakers

NOTE! Accessories for IR Panel Kit
Speaker dimensions: 135mm
Power speaker: 2x15W
Delivery time: 4-6 working days (In stock)

€202.50 VAT included

€162.00 VAT excluded


Bluetooth Receiver with two sauna speakers

Added IR panel to panel set. Easily connected to the control box that comes with our panel kits. From the Bluetooth receiver, two speakers are output. Easy to use as soon as the control panel is started you can easily connect to your phone or similar to the Bluetooth receiver. All control is done over the phone. Withstands temperatures of up to 120 degrees.


Power: 2x15W
Installation Dimensions: 104mm x 40mm
Protective cover dimensions: 135mm x 20mm
Color: Black
Connection cord to Speaker: 3 m

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