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Infrared sauna

Heatlight Dimmer 1500W

Heat Light | Dimmer for infrared heaters
For controlling infrared heaters.
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Dimmer for 1500W
A practical accessory when you want to be able to adjust and adjust the heat based on prevailing conditions and your needs. Adjustable effect on your patio heaters saves electricity consumption and gives even more heat.
The dimmer has a soft start function, which increases the heater's lifetime up to 30%.

P55, water resistant for outdoor use.
Suitable for up to 1500 W load
Red LED indicator
Step-by-step power setting (5 modes)
energy saving
Easy to install and use
High reliability
Voltage: 220-240V. 6.5 A
Size 95 X 130 x 55mm. Weight 0.5 kg