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Infrared sauna

Heatlight Motion Detector 3000W

Heat Light | Detector for infrared heaters
For controlling infrared heaters.
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This motion detector uses passive infrared technology to detect heat radiation from moving human bodies.
Ideal if you want the heater to turn on as you pass or move within a zone. The detector has adjustable time for switching off when no one is in the zone you have set.
This gives a cost saving as it only activates in zone movement according to the setting.

Great for
Altan Places.
Dressing room.

P55, water resistant, suitable for outdoor use.
Ability to connect heaters to maximum power 3000 W
12m range with 200º capture area
Timed activation - from 5 seconds to 18 minutes
Manual on / off override
Adjustable light sensitivity level control
energy saving
Easy to install and use
High reliability and robust quality.
Power supply: 220-240V. 50Hz. 12.5 Amps.
Weight 200gr.