Patio heater HeatWay Cylindro 2000W Black
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Patio heater HeatWay Cylindro 2000W Black

Infrared heater | Terrace heat HeatWay
2000W, Extra wide Heating.
For balconies or outdoor seating.
Delivery time: 4-6 days (In stock)

€175.50 VAT included

€140.40 VAT excluded

€270.00 -35%

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Professional patio heater Cylindro 2000W Extra Wide Heating, Black

Cylindro Black, a very popular patio heater for both home use and restaurants / cafes. With its extra-wide heating cone, it heats a large area even if it is not far away. Perfect for placing overboard and with its large heating cone, the whole company is heated very efficiently.

Many other patio heaters on the market require that you mount the heater far in from what is to be heated in order to get an efficient spread, this does not apply to the innovative Cylindro heater.

HeatWay's heat technology is short-wave infrared heat via carbon technology. Like the sun's own rays, HeatWay produces a soft heat wave that gives you many pleasurable moments whether it is windy or rainy. The heater's reflector is made of highly polished aluminum which gives the best reflection of the infrared waves. The protective cover is made of high quality steel, which extends the life of the heater. This robust heater is weatherproof according to IP class 65 and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are suitable for both commercial and private use.

Remote control included so you can easily set power and also a timer function. If you use several HeatWay Cylindro heaters, you can easily adjust all the heaters from the same remote control.

Patio heater technical information:

Delivery time: 4-6 days (In stock)

Electrical connection: 220-240V. Earthed socket.
Control: Remote control and keypad on the heater.
(1 remote control can control several heaters)

Length: 780mm
Diameter: 130mm

Power: Adjustable power, max power 2000W (8.7 Amp)
Colour: Black
IP class: IP65. CE Certified

Holds Tipp protection.
Mounting brackets included.

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