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Infrared sauna

Combination sauna Heatway Corner sauna 5-6 persons

Multi-sauna Heatway for 5 to 6 people
Size: 2060 x 2060 x 2000 mm
Wood type: Hemlock
Heating system: IR-Vitalight + optional sauna heater
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Multi sauna for 5 to 6 people

A sauna you can control with a remote control.

A unique sauna model that really stands out with its unique details, how about sitting on the sofa and starting the sauna with a remote control and setting the desired heat, music and lighting in a hidden arc in the ceiling cornice? The Heatway corner model offers plenty of space for 4 people and is very easy to install as it is assembly-ready wall sides that are brought together. If you want to have a sauna with a combination of a traditional sauna heater, you have many different heaters to choose from. In this model, a protective basket in hemlock wood is included if you want a regular unit. If you want to get a slightly different design on the unit, a "Tower" unit may be better suited as Sawo Tower. In this sauna model you choose your own unit and it is not included as standard.

Infrared heating technology of the latest technology.

In the walls are carefully placed heaters mounted to give you the absolute best experience of IR technology. Equipped with the latest technology of infrared sauna heat. IR vitalight, the "vital light" a full spectrum heating also called red glass. A technology developed by Philips and which today is by far the most efficient source of heat, the heat waves cover the entire infrared spectrum.

For those of you who both want the best of both worlds.

IR vitalight gives you a deeper warming than other infrared heat. The heating time is only 1 to 2 minutes after which the units emit beneficial infrared heat. The short start time makes the sauna well suited for fast sauna sessions. On the control panel or remote control you specify the effect you want on the heaters from 100 to 50%. The energy consumption is about 30% lower than the already low energy "Carbon Wave" heaters.

You can take a sauna in the traditional way or through modern infrared sauna heating

With custom sauna for traditional sauna heater you can choose which heat source you want for the moment or in combination.


Sauna outer dimensions:
Length: 2060 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Depth: 2060 mm

Material: Hemlock
Tempered safety glass, tinted glass
Wooden handle XL

Remote control: For control
of heat, music, light, etc.

Control panel (infra): LCD display inside
Timer control up to 90 min
Temperature control up to 65C
Dimmable power setting

Sound system: 2 speakers
Radio, USB and Bluetooth function

Lighting: Arc with color therapy concealed in cornice ceiling.
Color therapy panel in ceiling. Adjustable in 7 different colors.

Ventilation cover for passive ventilation


10 pcs IR Vitalight- 3000w / 230V. 16Amp
Micron length: 1.4-10 µm.
Common plug, Swedish earthed
Sauna heater: Not included.

Wood type 1st kind Hemlock from Canada.

Low EMF: Read more about EMF

Examples of Luxway sauna installation.


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