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Infrared sauna

Apollon Lux hemlock sauna



Sauna Apollon Lux in hemlock wood.

Infrared sauna for 3 people.
Equipped with Carbon Wawe 360 degree heat panels in 4 layers of carbon for more efficient heat dissipation.
Heat blocker . equipped with extra heat panels at the entrance, floors, sidewalls to prevent cold spots "ie cold spots during sauna session and is especially suitable for Spa, Gym, hotel etc when a more frequent passage in the sauna needs to be allowed.
Built-in backrests : The sauna has built-in backrests over the heating panels, which means that every person does not need an extra backrest during the sauna session.
Electronic control inside and outside.
Hours control 0-80 min
Includes, Heat resistant stereo & speakers.
CD player / Radio FM / AM. Control Panel
Built-in backrests in home covers.
Spotted inside and outside.
Reading lamp inside.
Ventilation hatch for fresh air
Full length tempered glass door.
Temperature control 18-60 degrees.
Energy Saver: 2205W.230V.

Heating panel: Carbon Wawe 360
Has overheating protection
The panels are IPX4 approved.

Normal plug. Swedish grounded
Air Purification: Oxygen Ionizer.
Length: 1500 mm: Outside dimensions (1500 mm)
Height: 1900 mm: Outside dimensions (1900 mm)
Depth: 1050 mm: Outer dimensions (1200 mm)
Wood type 1st hemlock from Canada.
Micron Length: 7-14 Um

Certificate: CE, CB, CETLUS and ROHS.