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Infrared sauna

HeatLight HLW15 terrace heater 1500W - Black

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Heatlight , short-wave infrared heating units have been developed to meet the demands of today's need for heating of patios such as on balconies, cafes, restaurants, in outdoor environments.

HLW15 in Black design is a Quartz halogen heater with short-wave radiation, which means it heats the surface it hits and not the air. Unlike conventional infrared heaters, this halogen infrared heater achieves maximum power immediately when switched on.

The halogen infrared heater is made for outdoor use and is weather resistant with IP55. It is completely safe to use in rain and continues to function even when exposed to intense water jets. The heater is equipped with a stainless steel grid without glass, which means it has 20% better heat output and also increases the lamp's service life.

HLW15 uses an efficient Gold lamp, which provides instant heat. The lamp has a service life of about 5000 hours and is interchangeable.

The location is very flexible as the HLW15 comes with a 3 meter long power cable and mounting brackets for mounting on walls, ceilings, umbrellas or under awnings. The heater has stepless angles and can be angled even when switched on. It can be controlled with a dimmer, motion detector or timer, which is available as an accessory or in the electrical outlet in the wall socket.

It comes with good placement and sizing guides for guidance of mounting heights, areas of operation and guidance for power requirements.

Technical information

Electrical connection: 220-240V. Earthed socket
Power: 1500W
Colour: Black
IP Class: IP55
My distance from the floor is 2.0 m
My distance from roof 0.3 m
My distance from the side wall 1.0 m
Dimensions: 480x120x120 mm (LxHxD).

Accessories are available as an option: Dimmer, Timer, Motion detector and Parasol alarm.