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Infrared sauna

Outdoor sauna with wood burning unit

VAT included

Outdoor sauna for 6-8 people.
Built with 44 mm flat planed and knotted timber wall profiles.
Stylish and durable wood-fired sauna heaters from Finnish Kota are the perfect choice for creating a genuine atmosphere of a sauna. This guarantees you a comfortable sauna experience. The glass door in the sauna heater lets you enjoy the warm glow.

Size 4 sqm. Roof area 7 sqm
Length: 2099 mm.
Width: 2070 mm.
Height: 2283 mm.

Inside wall height: 2025 mm.
Free ceiling height inside the cam 2012 mm.
Frame: planed and knotted timber wall profiles 44 x 133 mm.
Floor: 21 mm planed crude pontoon,
Floor joists 43 x 90 mm.
Ceilings: 21 mm planed raw pontoon.
Rooftops 43 x 140 mm.
Sauna door: 690 x 1920 mm.
Window 1: 905 x 500 mm, openable insulating glass.
Window 2: 565 x 1920 mm, panoramic window with tempered insulating glass, not openable.
Window 2: 875 x 1720 mm, panoramic window with tempered insulating glass, not openable. Includes screws & nails.

Wood-fired package includes:
Sauna unit Finnish Kota Kuru 14.
Sauna lava in 2 seating plan made in al
2000mm x 2pcs.
Sauna stone Narvi 40kg.
Kota chimney,
Narvi floor cover plate.
Wall cover plate and heat shield.

The sauna package is delivered on a separate pallet.
The sauna is delivered in a kit.

Package 1:
Dimensions: L 2350 x W 1200 x H 1200 mm. Weight: 700 kg
Package 2:
Sauna package: L 1200 x W 800 x H 2150. Weight about 200 kg
Shipping cost 1500: -kr.

installation instructions
Before you build your kit, you should make a simple foundation for the sauna.
Excavate the soil and gravel a surface slightly larger than the sauna floor dimensions. If the ground is reasonably stable and well drained, it is sufficient with light-clinker blocks that terminate in the corners. Post 3 pcs. carrier lines of pressure-impregnated rules 45x120 mm on which the sauna floor rules can rest (not included in the kit). Place sieve cardboard between lightweight tile blocks and wood. Weigh and adjust the rules so that the floor is completely in balance. Then build the sauna according to the accompanying drawing.

The roof is made of raw shingle and must be covered with roofing board or roofing sheet. The roofing is not included. The sauna is delivered unpainted, surface treatment must be done. Talk to the specialist shop for the choice of the surface treatment you want. Color not included.
The sauna comes in a kit.

The material for the stockmann sauna is carefully selected with care and a sense of quality.