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Infrared sauna

Sauna Salty Sauna, Shop Copy

Sauna outer dimensions:
Length: 1200 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Depth: 1000 mm
Store copy! Only for pickup in our store!


Sauna outer dimensions:

Length: 1200 mm

Height: 2000 mm
Depth: 1000 mm

Shop Items. Only for collection, inspected by customer in store and helps with dismantling. The customer is responsible for sufficient packaging during transport. Contact us to reserve the item.

Payment is made in store.

Sauna "Salty sauna" infrared sauna for 2 people.

Here you will find the ultimate infrared heating system with IR Vitalight for the back and front combined with carbon fiber heaters in the floor section for legs and seat muscles.

This unique model has decorative wall sides of Himalayan salt. These beautiful salt blocks that were formed several million years ago give a warm and beautiful shine in your sauna, the color shades are controlled with led lighting behind the stones. It gives a sense of a historic wing beat with a journey back in time when the rock formation took place on earth.

The color changes of the stones are the result of natural iron inclusions that give a red color or manganese that gives a yellow color. Our well-being is affected by the air quality we breathe. The beautiful shine of the salt blocks in combination with the heat creates a natural source of negative ions. Negative ions have a purifying effect on the air. For centuries, the beneficial effects of salt on human health have been well known. Here, among other things, positive effects on the respiratory tract.

People from all over the world travel to natural salt mines in Austria, Germany and the Himalayas to enjoy the positive effects of salt. Here you will find rest and recovery in a spa-like environment. With Salty sauna you can relax in your own hot salt spa in a home environment. Color therapy (Chromo Therepy) in the ceiling and behind the walls of the salt stone are linked to a color therapy with infinitely many combinations of colors and different shades of hue.


For 2 people.
Electronic control.
Hours control 0-60 min.
Includes Radio with speakers and connection for USB / CD / MP3 connection.
Spotlight ceiling inside / Chromo Therapy behind the salt stone and ceiling.
The ventilation hatch.
Hardened door in safety glass.


4 IR IR Vitalight - 2000w.
1 pc carbon wave IR panel (floor)
Micron length: 1.4-10 µm.
Normal plug. Swedish grounded.
Temperature control 18-60 degrees.

Wood type 1st black cedar from Canada.
Installation time about 3 hours.


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