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Infrared sauna

Hukka Fragrance Mug soapstone

sauna Accessories

Creates your scent in the sauna

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Soapstone fragrance mug

Sauna products in Tävsten. Soapstone, with more than 2 billion years of history, soapstone is a magical material. You can't force it with stress, you have to see the spirit in the stone and respect it, they say. "Green forests, blue lakes and the mythical silence of nature, the occasional howl of the wolf is the source of our inspiration." Hukka is the Finnish word for wolf.

The fragrance mug is placed among the stones on the unit. Fill it with water, preferably added with a few drops of sauna scent. When the hot stones then heat the scent jar, the liquid evaporates in it and a lovely scent spreads in the sauna. This fragrance mug is made of soapstone and must not be used in closed sauna ovens with continuous heating.

Size: Diameter 22 mm, 77 mm high. "