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sauna Guestbook
Wherever I turn in the sauna world, a sauna guest book is put in my hands! "
To date, no book reviewer has reviewed a guestbook. What is the reason for reviewing the guestbook's blank pages? But now there is a different and unique guest book out on the book market. It's about a Sauna guestbook. Unlike all other guest books, the Sauna Guest Book contains interesting and educational texts about the steamy sauna that both transpire and inspire the bathing guest. The sauna guest book also attracts reading about which others have visited the sauna with its magical fumes.

The lyrics of Sauna guestbook is written by Pär Granlund, who in 1988 took the initiative to form the Swedish Academy of Sauna, based in Kukkolaforsen in Haparanda.Av his lyrics, the person who reads Sauna Guestbook know that on the site of the Government Offices Rosenbad was once a sauna . Rosenbad was the name for one
rose scented bath offered by sauna master Christopher Thiel.
And the reader also learns where the word academy originated.
The reader may also read a number of notes about the steaming sauna culture and about good food and beverages that can be eaten in conjunction with a steaming bath. Of course, there is room for the sauna bathing guest to leave an indelible written imprint in
Sauna Guestbook.
Or as the well-known sauna philosopher Pekka Kuusilehto writes on the cover of the sauna guest book: "Wherever I turn in the sauna world, a sauna guest book is put in my hands ..."

The schools in Hofors built a smoke sauna

In 2004, the smoke sauna at Lake Acktjärn was inaugurated by the association Hofors kolare. The sauna, which is crafted from the ground up by the members of the association chopping and barking the logs and transporting them by horse to the construction site. The timber, sauna oven, floors, lichen, etc. are completely made according to old methods based on sketches on an old smoke sauna from 1894.

The sauna guest book has been produced by Lumio Förlag in collaboration with the Swedish Sauna Academy "