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Infrared sauna

Lux-Well Infrared tunnel for ir treatments

Infrared sauna tunnel for 1 person
Size: 1750 x 720 x 450 mm
Material: Fabric / Hemp / Leatherette
Infrared heating: Carbon wave
Delivery time: 3-5 working days (In stock)

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Lux Well Infrared tunnel for ir treatments


A full-body equipment with Infrared heat - which is also mobile, easy to put away and possible to carry, is therefore suitable for body therapists to use in their activities.

The body tunnel gives you infrared light from top to toe. If you combine the equipment with any of our IR mattresses, you will be completely enveloped by Infrared light. The IR panels that provide Infrared light in this treatment equipment are called Carbon Wave.

Lux-Well infrared heat tunnel is also suitable for you as a private consumer if you want a really efficient IR equipment. If you are a therapist with treatment reception, we also warmly recommend our ir-mattresses that are used today by many clinics.

In this model of heating tunnel we also recommend our special ir mattress Lux-Well pad which is easy to clean after treatments. If you are in need of space or want to use the equipment in combination with other treatment, it is possible to place it on a wider treatment bench.

Infrared heat tunnel, easy to handle

The heating tunnel is easy to set aside when you are not using it. The height will then only be about 90 cm, the width about 70 cm and the depth 45 cm, so it does not take up much space. It is therefore also suitable for mobile use when therapists visit a workplace, for example.

Lux-Well heat tunnel has two domes that you use when doing a full body treatment. If you want, you can also only use a dome, for example in combination treatments or if you want a treatment while you sit up, it goes very well.

Lux-Well comes with a separate control box. You also get a custom made curtain with reflective material and a pillow. On the control box you set the processing time and also the level of treatment. The equipment beeps and automatically shuts off when the treatment is complete. Lux-Well is made from natural organic hemp and does not cause any chemical odors when used.

Lux-Well requires no service or maintenance, you do not need to replace the infrared heating panels after a certain time. In normal use and operation, the IR panels work for thousands of treatments. Which also makes it a cost effective treatment equipment for therapists.

Luxwell Heating Specification:

Heating system: Carbon Wave

Number of heating panels: 3 pcs.
Wavelength: 7-14µm

Total power: 900W
4A. 220V. 50Hz

Electrical connection : Standard plug
230V grounded electrical outlet, cord length approx. 2 m

Weight: 35 kg.

Low EMF: Read more about EMF

Outside dimensions Recessed:
900 mm, 720 mm, 450 mm
Dimensions precipitated:
1750 mm, 720 mm, 450 mm


Data sheet

Dimensions (mm)
Width: 750, Depth: 1750, Height: 450
Fabric, hem, artificial leather
Carbon Wave
900W, 230V

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