Sauna panel AL 15x125

Sauna panel in al of 15x125 mm

When choosing a sauna panel, wood type and length are the two most important things you have to decide on. The width is in most cases standardized, and ends up at 15 mm. However, lengths differ. A panel of 125 mm, or 12.5 cm, is well suited for those sauna structures with a slightly higher ceiling height.

Al is a birch plant commonly found in Sweden. It has been a popular type of wood for a long time as its low weight and natural toughness make it a very flexible and easy-to-handle material. Its unique durability and heat resistance make it an exemplary material for the sauna . Appearance is characterized by red tones, which gives a distinctive sense of exclusivity.

Al is a popular and easy-to-manage alternative

A major reason why Al is commonly found in precisely sauna-related contexts is that it has a very low thermal conductivity. Since wood is a natural material, each individual panel has a unique look. It is often recognized by its red streaks, which give a discreet contrast to the light matte surface. Thanks to the large selection of al in the Nordic countries, it is often often affordable and cost effective to choose just al.

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