Sauna panel AL 15x90

Sauna panel in al of 15x90 mm

Al has become a favorite material among many sauna enthusiasts. In addition to being extremely common in Sweden, which often makes the price advantageous, it also has special features that make it uniquely suitable for use as a sauna panel. Appearance has all the distinctive reddish streaks that contrast with the mat's matte and bright surface. Many feel that this creates a unique, exclusive look that brings the mind to a lighter kind of mahogany.

But in addition to wood, panel height is an important issue to consider. The right height ensures that you do not need to supplement with moldings to hide any glitches. Although the width is now largely standardized, the height differs. Panels with a height of 90 mm, or 9 cm, are well suited for medium-sized sauna constructions.

As al has a distinctive natural toughness and very high heat resistance, it has become a given choice for the manufacture of sauna panels. The material does not require much maintenance and handles most environmental stresses. Among the people of the north, the panels also bring the thoughts to our scenic surroundings, and offer a unique atmospheric experience.