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Infrared sauna

Sauna panel in asp. 15x125mm Length: 2.4 m. 6 pcs

Sauna panel 2.4 meters
Wood species: Asp
Per section: 6 pcs

VAT included

Wide sauna panels give you an elegant result that you enjoy!

Dimension 15x125 mm. Covering width 115 mm.

An exemplary beautiful wall panel in aspen that gives the sauna an exclusive look. With a wider sauna panel you get a little more personal design. Some also combine with a foundation wall in, for example, cedar to accentuate the design. A wider panel is usually built a little faster too. The sauna panel is twig-free and alto wood is a light wood that also smells very good. Mounting a panel is done with clips that prevent any visible details from interfering.

Dimension 15x125 mm. Covering width 115mm. Access per m2 is 8.7 meters. Calculation example:
The length of the wall is 2.5 m and the ceiling height is 2.2 m. 2.5 x 8.7 = 21.75 boards 21.75 / 6 = 3.62 packages, Order 4 packages in the length 2.2 meters.

Don't forget the ceiling !!!


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