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Infrared sauna

Sauna panel cedar

Sauna panel in cedar

Cedar panel made of cedar wood is one of the world's most historic and sought after wood species. Cedar trees grow naturally in large parts of the Mediterranean, and since ancient times have been used by humans for a wide variety of purposes. Its distinctive appearance and scent are often considered to give a feeling that cannot be recreated with any other material.

Cedar wood is a unique maintenance-free wood type

Due to the natural resistance to rot and the persistence of changing climates, it has become popular to manufacture sauna panels in cedar. The wood type is also easy to process and rarely loses its shape. Although cedar can benefit from regular treatment, at least by maintaining its original appearance, many have come to appreciate the more grayish appearance that over time characterizes untreated cedar panels.

Cedar wood has a high natural oil content

The reason why it is considered maintenance-free is that cedar wood contains relatively large amounts of natural oils. Therefore, cedar has the unique ability to simply keep itself fresh and healthy. As wood is a living material, it can be really exciting to see how it adapts and changes based on the circumstances in one's own sauna . Compared to other types of wood, cedar is as maintenance-free as natural materials can be.


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<h2> <strong>Dirt and moisture repellent protective oil for sauna panels.</strong> </h2><p> <strong>A good sauna accessory that extends the wall panel. <br /></strong> Dirt and moisture repellent protective oil for sauna panels. <strong>Not for the sauna.</strong> <br /><br /> Suitable for 8 - 15 m² / l depending on wood type and porosity. <br /><br /> At 23 ° C and a relative humidity of 50%, the oil is absorbed into the wood. The rate of absorption is dependent on the porosity of the wood. Wipe off excess oil with a clean cloth. <br /><br /> If you want a different shade of oil, then use water-based pigment, which is available in the paint trade. <strong><br /></strong> </p>

Protective oil for wall panels.
Color: Transparent

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<h2> Use Supi sauna cleaning for a fresh sauna. </h2><p> Supi saunas cleaning is an acidic cleanser that disinfects, bleaches and dissolves lime deposits in saunas and other damp spaces. Easy to use and is a good <a href="/bastutillbehoer" class="pmsil" title="You will find lots of sauna accessories at">sauna accessory</a> . <br /><br /> Dosage: Depending on the degree of contamination, add 1-2 dl of Supi detergent to 5 liters of water. </p>

Sauna cleaning Supi 1 liter.
Color: Transparent

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<h2> Sauna cedar panels are a good choice </h2><p> In stock: Approx. 2 to 3 days delivery time. <br /><br /> <strong>Sauna panel</strong> in <strong>Cedar wood</strong> is a very good wood choice for use in a <a href="/" class="pmsil" title="Sauna and sauna accessories. Discover Sweden&#39;s best selection at">sauna</a> because of a high K-value and a low thermal conductivity. The wonderful scent that comes from cedar wood makes it very popular both throughout the wall sides as well as individual foundation walls in modern saunas. </p><h3> Twistless and with a sober impression </h3><p> This sauna panel we stock is basically twig-free and gives your sauna a sober impression luxurious impression compared to a traditional wood material such as spruce. Many choose to mix sauna panels in Asp or Al to enhance the effect. <br /><br /></p><h2> High oil content and maintenance-free wood </h2><p> A cedar panel has a high oil content and never needs to be treated and has a very high resistance to rot even when completely untreated. </p><p></p><h3> Cedar panel specification: </h3><p> 11 x 92 mm. <br /> Dimensions 86mm <br /> 2400 mm / panel <br /> 10 pcs / pack. <br /> 24 meters / pack. </p>

Sauna panel in cedar
Length: 2.4 m. 10 pcs

Price €229.50
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