Basturum för 3 personermed Sawo aggregat
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Sauna room for 3 people with Sawo heater

Traditional sauna for 3 people.
Size: 1364x1364x2100 mm
Type of wood: Aspen wood
Heating system: SAWO sauna heater / 4.5 KW
Delivery time: 4-6 days (In stock)

€4,133.50 (VAT incl.) €3,306.80 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

Sawo Sauna room in aspen and with fully glazed front.

A sauna room made of light aspen panel that is delivered in a simple kit. The sauna is delivered with a sauna heater which is a "Tower", ie with a large stone magazine.
The sauna heater is designed as a crescent and is intended to sit directly against the wall panel with a fire-retardant protective wall plate. The sauna is then controlled with a control panel "innova interface" where you can set the sauna to the desired degree and time.
It also comes with a built-in frame for the control panel

Easy to assemble.

The sauna room is easily assembled by bringing the different wall sides together, which usually takes a couple of hours. The delivery thus takes place in a package with everything you need for the construction.
The sections are raised and screwed together.

The sauna room gives a feeling of design and high material quality.


Sauna external dimensions:
Length: 1364 mm
Height: 2100 mm
Depth: 1364 mm

Material: Aspen panel
Tempered safety glass 6mm, clear glass
Wooden handle

Control panel: Innova Classic. Innova power
Timer control / Temperature control

Lighting inside: Included can not be supplemented
Tensioned cable ducts, see drawing.

Insulation: Yes

Other: Unit protection in aspen and built-in frame in stainless steel for a control panel.


Heating system: Sawo Tower wall sauna heater 4.5kW

Location Left side

Total power: 4500W / 3-phase

Electrical connection : Electrical installation requires a certified electrician

Link to Youtube clips on assembly

Data sheet