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smoking ovens

Smoking your own food with a smoking oven provides memories and tasting experiences

Smoked food has become trendy lately, and smoking ovens have become increasingly in demand. More and more people want to cook their own food either over fire or smoke their catch themselves. But what exactly is a smoke oven and how is it used and what do you need to think about?

Smoked food has been around since ancient times.

For decades, people have smoked food to prepare the so-called hot smoking or to preserve it, so-called a cold smoking. The smoke generated by the firing of different types of wood flavor the raw materials. Smoking can be done manually with the help of smoke boxes or cabinets, but modern smoking ovens simplify the smoking process a lot. Smoking food in a smoking oven is a very easy way to cook and many people like the smoky taste. Many people want their own perfect smoked salmon or delicious smoked side pork, and imagine being able to fix it yourself at home in the garden with their own smoke oven!


Smoke your own food in a small and supple smoke oven from Luxway


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<h2> Smoke oven, Kota </h2><h3> Kota&#39;s oven is easy to use and of high quality. </h3><p> The smoke oven is suitable for outdoor use as well as for use in the garden and at the summer cottage. The smoke oven is enameled, which gives it a beautiful and durable surface. The smoke oven can also be used as a charcoal grill. </p><p> See &quot;Product Sheet&quot; below for good smoking recipes. </p><p></p><h3> TECHNICAL INFORMATION </h3><p> Width: 42 cm <br /> Depth: 63 cm <br /> Height: 74 cm <br /> Weight: 41 kg </p>
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<p> <span>High quality chipboard. Delivered in a bag of about 350-400 grams. The shavings come directly from a woodworking plant in Estonia and are very dry with a moisture content of only 8-10%. The chipboard is the one used mainly for smoking, as it produces heavy smoke and gives &quot;right&quot; taste to the smoked. A bag is enough for 2-3 smokes. Used advantageously for Narvis smoke ovens. </p>
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