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Infrared sauna

Hukka Bastuterm / Hygrometer soapstone

sauna Accessories
Hukka Bastuterm / Hygrometer
Made of soapstone

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Sauna products in Tävsten.

Soapstone, with more than 2 billion years of history, soapstone is a magical material. You can't force it with stress, you have to see the spirit in the stone and respect it, they say. "Green forests, blue lakes and the mythical silence of nature, the occasional howl of the wolf is the source of our inspiration." Hukka is the Finnish word for wolf.

The soapstone meter in soapstone is a stylish sauna meter. The sauna meter measures both temperature and humidity in the sauna and is a neat interior detail in your sauna . The sauna meter has the beautiful shape, of a dawn. Smart sauna accessories .

Size: about 185mm * 175mm. "